Ardogs have been competing in conformation shows since 1981 and have finished over 30 home bred champions! They’ve also enjoyed obedience work proving to be eager and easy to train. Recently they’ve been involved in rally. Speed and obedience, perfect for Shorthairs! Some Ardogs have field titles as well.

Currently Karma and Lacey are being shown in conformation and trialed in rally and obedience. Eleven year old Tweak always wanted to come so he filled in at class while the girls were in season. He loves it. He got a High in Class at his second trial! So you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Lacey gaiting in ring4Karma & I heeling in rallyLacey watching group judging Tweak at rally finish Tweak at rally weaving twiceKarma as easter dog Lacey High score rally Tweak high score rally

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